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Scribble is jam packed with powerful features to help writers craft more engagement stories. Here are a few of our most popular features.

story structure templates

Story Structure Templates

We have pre-built story structure templates for novels, essays, memoirs, biographies and much more. Get started on the right foot with the right template.

Chapter Checklists

Each chapter type (inciting incident, pinch point, climax etc) will have its own narrative requirements. Our checklists help you optimize each chapter.

character design for writers

Character Building

We have a suite of built-in character building tools that help you develop well rounded and believable character to populate your book with.

world building software

World Building

We have a suite of world building tools to help you create believable and detailed environments. We have sections dedicated to worlds, events and items.

book writing software icon

Multiple Books

Our writing software can be used to track multiple projects. Keep track of all of your writing projects in one easy to navigate writing dashboard.

writing outline software for authors

Story Visualization

Our flexible writing structure software allows you to visualize your story structure. Break down your story into “acts” and visualize how your story “looks”.

ai book covers

AI Generated Book Covers

Save hundreds of dollars by allowing our AI book cover generation tools to design your book cover for you. Generate multiple covers and pick the best.

AI Generated Characters

Our writing software allows you to generate unique characters based on unique prompts written by you. Get your creative juices flowing by creating AI based characters.

AI Generated Worlds

Our software helps you visualize your world (both interior and exterior locations) through the use of our AI tools which generate complex worlds for you.

writing management software

We Help You Keep it All in Your Head

Being a writer means you have to keep a lot in your head at all times. Did you start with an action? Are you writing in the active voice? Are you using the right verbs? Are you avoiding the use of adverbs and adjectives? The list goes on. This can be a lot to remember. Our software does a lot of this heavy lifting for you.

Writing software pen tip Software version 1.8.0


We strive to make Scribble as easy as possible to understand and use. Below, you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Can I try it before I buy it?

Yes. We offer a free trial which is great for people who want to take our writing software for a spin before they commit to it. The main limitation of the free version of our software is that you can only add two books to your portfolio and your free plan will expire after 7 days.

Do you offer refunds.

Yes. If you sign up for one of our premium paid plans and the plan doesn’t meet your expectations we offer a no questions asked 7 day money back guarantee. We also allow our users to cancel at any time and we have long long term contracts.

Who owns the content that I upload?

If you are the creator of the content, you are the owner of the content that is uploaded to our platform. We claim no right whatsoever to the content that is uploaded to our system. All content is also protected and secured meaning that only you have access to your work.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. If you decide to cancel, you can still access your account until your next billing cycle. At that time the software will not be available to you any longer and you’ll need to ensure you have your work exported out of the platform.

I have a suggestion to make the software better

We develop our software for YOU. Your feedback and insights are invaluable to us. If you look in our navigation bar you’ll notice a link for “suggestion box”. Simply click on that link and leave your feedback for us to consider. 

What if I struggle with writing consistency

Setting goals for yourself is important and our system allows you to plugin to a set of gamified productivity tools that are designed to help keep you on track. Not only does our software help you become a better writer, we also help you become a more consistent writer.

watch writing videos

Getting Started (Free Videos)

Want to learn how to use Scribble quickly? We have a comprehensive video tutorial series that will have you proficient using our software in no time.

writing software demo

Dive Deeper: Watch a Demo

Want to watch a full length demo of how to use our novel writing software? In this tutorial we'll show you how each feature and tool within Scribble works.

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Software version 1.8.0

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