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About Us

We’re a small group of creatives who love writing and building technical solutions to help streamline the writing process.

Where are you located?

We’re a small fully distributed team with team members in Canada, the United States, the UK and Hong Kong. Scribble itself is registered in Hong Kong. 

Although we’re not a big company, we are a company with a heart and a burning desire to build great products for our users. We’re not funded trough venture capital or bank loans. Initially, we funded ourselves with our own savings because we had faith in our product. Today, we are entirely funded through our paying subscribers. Our users are the lifeblood of our company and we take our relationship to them seriously. 

Tell me more about Scribble

We’re a small team of down-to-earth creatives and technical people from different places around the world who built scribble to solve our own writing problems. For over 20 years we’ve been building software applications, and Scribble is the newest addition to the family. About a year ago we made Scribble available to the public and have since been incorporating your ideas into the application. We’re a bootstrapped company with no outside financing but have been profitable since our second month of operation. We’re a company driven to help our users succeed, so if there is something Scribble can’t do that you need it to do, please let us know. 

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Want to learn how to use Scribble quickly? We have a comprehensive video tutorial series that will have you proficient using our software in no time.

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Want to watch a full length demo of how to use our novel writing software? In this tutorial we'll show you how each feature and tool within Scribble works.

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