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Writing software pen tip Software version 1.8.0

2.4.0 - Affiliate Program

Est. 2024

In this version we will incorporate an affiliate program which will allow users to earn a commission by referring their audience to us.

☑️ Beta version launched

2.3.0 - Custom Story Acts

Est. 2024

In this version we will allow users to create a custom number of book acts (between 3 to 6) in order to use any desired writing system.

2.0.0 - Book Types (Advanced)

Est. 2024

In this version we will create a more customized experience based on “book type”. For example, the experience of writing a journal entry will be different than the experience of writing a novel.

1.8.0 - Writing Productivity Tools

👋  We are here

In this version we will create a productivity / writing coach system which will assist writers in being more productive through the process of writing gamification. We’ll also be making updates to the application to make it more efficient with regards to how it handles word counting.

☑️ Added “writing insights” on main book’s page. Users can now see their daily and weekly writing streak. We also added a writing calendar (to view the days you’ve written) as well as graphs to help you visualize your writing activity.

☑️ Added Chat GPT-4

🎉 1.6.0 - Advanced Story Worksheets

(Completed May, 2023)

In this version we will work on creating a more complete “story-base” system with questionnaires and worksheets to help writers get their stories started on the right foot.

☑️ Added ability to shrink chapter list size on the main writing page to show more chapters / page (up from 5 to 15 / page). 

☑️ “story pitch” added on the storybase book page. 

☑️ “Key steps” story worksheet tab added under “storybase”.


🎉 1.4.0 - Collaboration System

(Completed March, 2023)

In this version we will create a more robust collaboration system allowing users to collaborate on each others novels.

☑️ Added ability for users to add up to 5 collaborators. Users can be added on a per book basis. 


🎉 1.2.0 - A.I. Tools

(Completed Nov, 2022)

For this version we’ve incorporated A.I. book cover generation tools, character avatar generation tools and world building visualization tools. 

☑️ Book cover A.I. art integration. 

☑️ Character avatar A.I. Integration. 

☑️ Worldbuilding A.I. Integration. 

☑️ Writing assistant A.I. Integration

☑️ Writing style A.I. integration

🎉 1.0.0 - Software Launch

(Completed March, 2022)

Initial launch of Scribble with book portfolio, writing pad, world building, plot visualization, productivity tools & book export tools.

☑️ Added main writing pad page and basic plotting structure. 

2.5.0 - Device Compatibility

Est. 2024

In this version we will focus on making the software adapt to different devices with a focus on optimizing it for mobile and tablet use.

☑️ Adapted the writing pad page to perform better on XL / Widescreen devices. 


☑️ Added the ability to toggle open / close the chapter list panel on the writing pad page.

☑️ Mobile friendly pages: Login, signup, book catalog.

2.2.0 - Peer to Peer Feedback

Est. 2024

In this version we will create a peer to peer writing feedback system. This will allow users to improve their own work by allowing them to see what works and what doesn’t with other writer’s books.

2.1.0 - Plot Templates

Est. 2024

In this version we will add the ability to create customizable and savable plot templates. We will also include additional plot templates for non-fiction, memoir etc.

1.9.0 - Advanced Writing Assistant

Est. 2024

In this version we will create a more advanced spell check system where authors can search for passive voice, adjectives etc.

1.7.0 - Writing Practice Systems

(Completed Aug, 2023)

In this version we will create a more robust writing practice system including story deconstructions, writing prompts and much more.

☑️ Added “ideas” page to the main book catalog page (top right corner “bulb” icon) and created more robust idea generation tools.

☑️ Added “deconstructions” tab to the main book catalog page.


🎉 1.5.0 - Book Draft System

(Completed May, 2023)

In this version we are working on creating a “draft” system where you can pass each chapter through a 6 step editing process. On your main writing page, on the checklist tab you’ll now see “D1, D2, D3” etc. representing tasks to consider for each draft. Similarly on the “plot visualization” page you’ll see a tab for “draft view”. On this page you can color code each chapter or scene to represent the draft that section of your story is on. Similarly, you can roll over each small draft circle to read a snippet of what’s excepted from you for each draft. 

☑️ Updated main writing page checklist items to include a draft number.

☑️ Updated plot visualization page to include a “draft view” tab.


🎉 1.3.0 - Advanced Plot & Subplot System

(Completed Jan, 2023)

For this version we have created an advanced plotting and subplot system. Includes an advanced tagging system, plot card color coding system and more. 

☑️ Subplots are now available on main writing page as well as on the plot visualization page. 

☑️ Dedicated subplot tags added.

☑️ Added ability to add structure to subplots (i.e. inciting incident, climax etc.).

☑️ Ability to add secondary characters to to subplot page. 

☑️ Subplot color differentiation. 

☑️ Added advanced plotting system using color coded cards. 

☑️ Added ability to work with chapters or scenes. 

🎉 1.1.0 - Character Profiles

(Completed June, 2022)

For this version we’ve added character profile templates, character arc planning tools and a character ending quadrant. 

☑️ Created 15 point character profile template.

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