87 Best Book Covers of All Time

Below, we’ve outlined what we think the 87 best book covers of all time are. Enjoy!

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Beautiful book covers that Inspire. Here’s the list…

The other day I was creating book covers over in Scribble using Scribble’s new A.I. book cover generation tool and I was creating book covers that looked like the ones I see here:

AI book cover art

To create these book covers in scribble, I just entered a prompt (see image below), waited a few seconds and the software would render as many book covers I specify in the top down list (max 5).

book cover example

If you’re a writer and you want to try this out yourself you can do so by signing up for Scribble. You’ll also see we have many other great tools from writing prompt tools, subplot tools, world building tools and much more. 

The Best Book Covers of All Time

But while going through this process of creating book covers, I got to thinking about book covers in general, and what the most beautiful book covers ever created were and if A.I. could ever be responsible for creating something similar.

I’m going to stop writing in a second and display what I think are perhaps the best book covers of all time. Now of course, this is a largely subjective topic, so if you have a suggestion you would like to see added to this list, simply leave a comment on our YouTube video and I’ll create an updated list shortly taking into consideration your suggestions as well.

But for a first version of the best book covers of all time, in no particular order…. This is what I have:


Thanks for watching, and remember, if you want to create your own book covers, head over to scribble to use our A.I. powered book cover generation tool.

Thanks for stopping by our writing blog today.

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