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Our A.I. writing tools allow you to re-style your paragraphs and get in-depth writing advice.

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A.I. Writing Tools That Enhance the Writing Process

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can take an average piece of writing and enter it into an AI writing tool. After entering your text into this tool, you can then select a modifier which will allow you to change the way the paragraph will sound. For example, you could select “creative” or “classic” to change the style. Then when you run the tool, it will take your paragraph and rewrite it, maintaining the main ideas of your original writing, but adding stylistic flourishes which enhance the original writing style.

You can watch the video below to see how this A.I. writing tool works in action, or continue reading below.

A.I. Tool Writing Example

So let’s jump in and see how we can use A.I. writing tools to help us transform our writing from good to great.

So first, I’ll log into scribble. After logging in the first time you’ll see this main book catalog page.

AI writing software tool

For this tutorial, you’re going to need to have a book created, so if you don’t have a book created, create one now. In a previous tutorial, I showed you how you can enter a prompt here to generate AI book cover for your novels so feel free to experiment with AI book covers during this book set up phase.

But in my case, I already have a book created, so I’m going to click on one of my book covers so I can start writing.

Getting the A.I. Writing Tool Set Up

The first thing you need to do here is add a chapter. So do that first by clicking on add new chapter (see image below).

ai writing tool

Now that you have a chapter created, you can begin writing. I’m just going to grab an opening sentence of a public domain book Frankenstein.

The original text I want to use is the following couple of sentences:

“I am already far north of London, and as I walk in the streets of Petersburg, I feel a cold northern breeze play upon my cheeks, which braces my nerves and fills me with delight. Do you understand this feeling? This breeze, which has traveled from the regions towards which I am advancing, gives me a foretaste of those icy climes.”

As you can see, it’s quite a beautiful opening. But what I want to do now is strip it of it’s beauty so we can run it through our A.I. writing tool to see if we can get it restored to its original beauty.

So I’ve removed the charm of the sentences and now it reads like this:

“I am north of London, and as I walk in the streets of Petersburg, I feel a cold breeze brush against my face, which chills me and fills me with happiness. Do you understand this feeling? This breeze, which has traveled from the town I’m going towards, gives me a taste of what’s to come.”

As you can see, I kept the idea alive, but just removed Mary Shelley’s style.

Now, as a writer, I’m looking at this and saying “I’m not sure this is the best I have… but I’m not really sure where to take it”. Within scribble, whenever you have that feeling, you can click on the little lightbulb icon in the right sidebar (see image above) and our paragraph reimagination tool will popup.

Here, you can enter your original paragraph over to the left, and then select a writing style from the dropdown list to the right. Frankenstein is a classic, so let’s select the classic writing style.

And then when I”m ready I’ll click this little blue button here (see image below).

A.I. writing tools

How Good Are A.I. Writing Tools?

So as you can see, not everything the AI generates is usable, but a lot of it is. And even the parts that aren’t usable might guide you in a new direction or provide hints into new approaches to expressing your point. This A.I. writing tool might provide a new metaphor or push you in the direction of using a stronger verb. Best case scenario, you can copy and paste the new and enhanced paragraph and use that in your novel. Worst case scenario, you can use it as an idea generation tool, and then manually make adjustments to your paragraph by parsing out the parts that work for you and throwing away what doesn’t.

Using A.I. Writing Tools as Idea Generation Tools

For example, these responses made me rethink the verb “to walk”. This might be something that was overlooked before. So now the AI drew my attention to it and I can ask – “is this the best verb to express my character’s movement?” Maybe what I could do is close out this popup and then click on this ‘writing assistant” tab (see image below). This is essentially like a writing assistant where I can ask writing questions and get fast responses.

So if my character is walking quickly perhaps I could ask my AI writing assistant the following:

“What are 10 other strong verbs that mean walking quickly”

AI writing tools for authors

Here are the results and perhaps one of these would be a better fit. Or perhaps I liked the variations of the phrase “gives me a taste of what’s to come.” from the paragraph we’re working on. So I could ask this AI writing assistant:

“What are 10 different ways to say “gives me a taste of what’s to come.”

Or perhaps I have an idea for a metaphor… but I just can’t quite get it. For example, maybe this character is hungry.

I could write “what are 10 metaphors for being hungry?”

Again, you might not have thought about these ideas on your own. So the AI writing tools within scribble can really help you with the creative process. These tools aren’t here to replace you as a writer, they are here to help you.

So when you’re writing your books in scribble and you need a little help improving your writing, always remember that this paragraph re-imagination tool exists to help push you in the right direction.


So that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for stopping by our writing blog today. Remember, i you want to use the A.I. writing tools showcased in this blog post you can sign up for an account over on Scribble here.

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