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Looking for new story ideas? Use our A.I. powered writing prompt generator to help you shape your story’s ideas. 

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An Almost Infinite Number of Story Ideas

So if you’re short of story ideas or you just want to practice writing, then I have a writing prompt tool that I’ll introduce you today that will help you dramatically by both giving you really interesting story ideas as well as acting as a tool to help you maintain consistent writing habits.

You can watch the video below to get an overview of how this tool works, or read the full article below.

How to Generate Story Ideas

So generating story ideas can be a bit of a challenge. We often know what kind of stories we like, but it’s often hard for us to put a finger on exactly what it was about the story that captured our attention. Was it the characters, the plot or the unique theme of the work? So the writing prompt tool we’re going to look at today takes the story concepts you like, remixes them with new genres, new characters, new theme ideas and outputs interesting ideas for you to expand on.

10,000 + Writing Prompts 

In the image below, you’ll see that I’m using scribble’s writing prompt generator, which you can access by going to any book you have in your book catalog and then clicking on any chapter within that book you’re working on. Over to the right, you’ll see this little magic wand icon (see the image below). Click on that if you want to follow along. If you don’t already have a Scribble account, you can get one here.

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So what makes this writing prompt generator better than others?

Save Your Writing Prompts as Practice Books

First, of all, all writing prompts I generate with this prompt generator I can save directly within the application itself. Not only can I save the prompt, but of course, all of my own work developing these prompts into more fleshed out story ideas.

Notice on my main book catalog page, I have a section here for writing prompts and practice (see screenshot below).

best writing tool

This gives me a dedicated place where I can keep track of all my writing training or practice work. This allows you to always see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve progressed as a writer.

A.I. Writing Prompt Generation Tool

Second, these prompts are all generated by AI, so you’ll never get the same prompt twice. The AI was also trained to give you interesting prompts. So what makes a prompt interesting?

Good story seeds: First, these prompts won’t just output random ideas for you to ramble on about. These prompts will all have the basic seed of a good story. You’ll always have a character and that character will have both an internal and external conflict they need to overcome.

A character with a care and a goal: Second, The prompt will generate a character who cares about something, essentially, a character who has a goal. This will help set you off in the right direction.

Writing prompts include obstacles: These prompts will also include A.I. generated obstacles that will get in your character’s way of achieving their goal. So embedded within the writing prompt is the beginnings of a dizzying diversity of complex character choices. Often, in these prompts the right choice isn’t obvious and the character will need to choose between the better of two evils.

Writing prompts in the genre of your choice: This writing prompt generator tool allows you to create practice prompts in the genre of your choice. For example, if you’re writing literary fiction, there is an option for that. As is there for fantasy, romance, contemporary fiction, sci-fi, thriller, horror and many others.

Writing prompts which can give a nod to an existing story: This writing prompt generator allows you to reference a book or movie that you want to use as a jumping off point. This can get really interesting when it comes to remixing ideas. For example, maybe you want to write a romance novel, but you’re really inspired by “Dune” at the moment. You could mix these two elements together to see what you get.

An Example Writing Prompt

As you can see, I’ve created a writing prompt here. It reads:

story prompt generator

As you can see it’s really interesting and contains the elements mentioned above. It contains:

– A character with internal and external conflict.

– A character who cares about something and has a goal.

– Obstacles that stand in the characters way.

– And the writing prompt also pushes me in the direction of a specific genre.

Guide the Writing Prompt in a Specific Direction

All of these things alone are enough to get you going. But there is one other feature which makes this writing prompt generator software the best tool out there, and that’s this input field here, where we can modify the output to include specific details about the fragments of a story we have in mind.

For example, perhaps I know my protagonist is female and I know that her name is Zara. In Scribble, I created her over on this people and places tab (see image below).

character generation tool

Below you’ll see her character profile. So perhaps I want to use this character as my jumping off point.

So I can enter that information on the main writing prompt page. I can say that this story will be told from the point of view of Zara a 25 year old female.

Now let’s see what it whips up.

best writing prompt tool

As you can see, it’s pretty interesting.

Writing Prompts Based on Location

Or perhaps you don’t know the character yet, but you have the urge to tell a story in a certain location. We can add location to the prompt as well. Let’s say that I want this story to be dystopian and take place amongst desert ruins. Now notice that it takes these details into consideration when coming up with the prompt.

writing prompt generation tool

So you can either use this writing prompt generator to GIVE you an idea, or help you shape an existing idea.

Using Writing Prompts as a Practice Tool

If you have a prompt book created within Scribble, everyday you write simply add a new chapter and add a new prompt to that chapter. This way you can have a book dedicated to your writing practice work.

You can even use our AI book cover art generation tool to design a book cover specifically for your prompt book where you can keep all of your practice writing.

Why Use Writing Prompts?

Writing prompts not only helps you generate new writing ideas, but writing prompts also help you perfect your craft, experiment with new writing styles and work outside of your regular genre comfort zone in a really low risk environment.

If used correctly, writing prompts can be invaluable tools for writers. So enjoy playing around with the writing prompt tool within Scribble.

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