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We help writers succeed by giving them the tools they need to stay structured, organized and on target.

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Writers have a lot to keep in their heads. Scribble handles the technical heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best… telling stories.

Writing Software That Helps Professional Writers Get More Done

One of the hardest parts about being a writer is managing all of the things you need to think about at the same time. was developed by writers for writers. Our writing software helps writers stay on track and get their novels completed. We provide a wide assortment of tools not only to help you complete your books, but also to help you ensure they are the best they can possibly be.

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novel writing software progress tracking

Progress Tracking

Set milestones and benchmarks to help you quest towards your final word count or chapter count. We help you zoom in and zoom out.

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Visualize Your Story Outline

Gain a top level perspective of your story with our plot visualization tool. Never feel lost in your story again.
character design for writers

AI Character Building & Templates

We give you world building tools for your primary and secondary characters, your settings, events and even story items.

world building software

AI World Building & World Bible Template

We have various AI tools built in to help you design your book covers, your worlds and your world’s inhabitants. All within seconds! 

writing tool checklist

Writing Checklists

It’s hard to keep everything in your head and to be constantly checking your work for technical things. Luckily we do this for you with our chapter checklist tool. 

story structure templates

Story Structure Templates

Get started by using our story templates. Our 24 chapter story structure template helps you keep your story organized and full of drama.

scene and chapter notes

Scene & Chapter Notes

Bring all of your ideas, research and background material into your book and organize everything in one central place using our scratchpad feature.

daily word count writing software

Daily World Count

Keep track of how much you write each day and compare your word count to some of the world’s best authors.

writing management software

We Help You Keep it All in Your Head

Being a writer means you have to keep a lot in your head at all times. Did you start with an action? Are you writing in the active voice? Are you using the right verbs? Are you avoiding the use of adverbs and adjectives? The list goes on. This can be a lot to remember. Our software does a lot of this heavy lifting for you.

Writing software pen tip Software version 1.8.0

novel writing software progress tracking

Writing Reports With Progress Tracking

We help you break down the daunting task of writing a novel into bite-sized chunks

Scribble comes with progress tracking tools that allow you to set word count milestones for your entire book, as well as your individual chapters. This allows you to focus on smaller, less intimidating milestones first as you quest towards your goal of writing a full length novel.

writing outline software for authors

Plot Visualization & Plot Boards

Visualize your entire story using our plot visualization features

Visualizing how your chapters fit together into a cohesive and well paced novel is a challenge. However, our plot visualization tool makes seeing your story from a top level perspective a breeze.

character design for writers

Character Design & Templates

Our world building tool helps you keep track of the people and places populating your world. 

Easily add depth to your world by giving your characters, places, events and even world items a third dimension. Our world building tools allow you to flesh out your world in more detail.

writing software

world building tools
world building software

World Building – People, Places & Things

Our world building tool helps you keep track of the people and places populating your world. 

Easily add depth to your world by giving your characters, places, events and even world items a third dimension. Our world building tools allow you to flesh out your world in more detail.

You Could Have a Full Length Novel in 24 Days

Our writing template allows you to set a target of 2500 words / day over the course of a 24 day period. Hitting the target would mean you have a 60,000 word novel written. Our templates make this process easy and our progress tracking tools and milestones help you gamify the process.

Sterling, Scribble Developer

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Still have a few last questions before taking scribble for a test drive?

We’ve tried to make Scribble as easy to use and user-friendly as possible. However, we’ve included an FAQ to the right to answer the most common questions we receive.

What's the cost?

A full featured version of Scribble is free to try for 7 days (without a credit card). After 7 days, if you want to keep using the software, the cost is as low as $29 / month.

Can I suggest a new feature?

Yes please! We want to make Scribble as powerful of a writing aid as possible. if you have ideas you can simply click on “suggestion box” in the left sidebar.

Are there contracts?

No. There are no contracts. Our pro members pay as a little as $29 / month. If you ever want to cancel you can do so in one click on your “account settings” page.

Can I commercially use A.I. generated content?

Yes, but their are some caveats. For example, using the likeness of known figures is an obvious no-no. There are others as well outlined in the “A.I.” section of our terms and conditions.

Do you offer offline editing?

No we don’t offer offline editing. Currently you must have an internet connection to connect to Scribble. We are primarily a web application since most writing is best done online using a full size keyboard. Similarly, many of the features contained within Scribble are optimized for larger screens. For example, it wouldn’t be easy to visualize a 30 chapter plot outline on a mobile phone. These features work better on larger screens that are connected to the internet. 

Who owns the content I create?

You do. We claim no rights whatsoever to the work you create within Scribble. 

What Book Types?

Many different types of authors use our software. It’s well suited for authors working in fiction as well as non fiction. You can write novels, short stories, journals, poems and much more. 

I lost my password?

If you lost your password you can simply click on “login”. On our login page you’ll notice a link where you can reset your password.

I have a question

If you have a question that’s not covered on our website, simply reach out to us by clicking on “contact us” in the left sidebar. 

I want a free or cheaper product or I want to pay one time.

Scribble is not free writing software. Our focus is on building the best (not cheapest) writing software. Paying programmers is expensive ($80 + / hour), + hosting / media costs, + monthly API call costs, +  admin cost, + knowledgebase dev costs etc. We want to build Scribble into the best and most innovative writing software solution on the market. We’re not looking to serve as many writers as possible for as cheap as possible. That’s not our goal. Our goal is to better serve professional writers who see scribble as an investment in their craft, not an expense. There are many great free or cheaper options on the market if affordability is your top priority. However, if feature richness is your priority, we’re probably a better bet because our pricing allows us to continuously invest into bettering our product.

How can I learn more about your company?

Visit our “contact us” page in the sidebar to learn more about us. 

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Want to watch a full length demo of how to use our novel writing software? In this tutorial we'll show you how each feature and tool within Scribble works.

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